Welcome Everyone! 

This Blog has two major purposes.

Firstly it seeks to serve as an informational portal sharing the origins of  Polynesian,  Melanesian, and Micronesian traditions.

Secondly, it features resilient individuals and groups that have accomplished and achieved phenomenal success as a source of inspiration to other islanders. Leaving the islands to places like America, Australia, the UK, Japan and the like can be very intimidating and overwhelming. Typically, the first common challenge is trying to blend in. Ironically the next is tying to break out of the mold and stand out. This blog site shares stories of inspiring individuals and groups who have made it through this seemingly daunting new reality to tread down the road less traveled. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, athlete , scholar, advocate, musician, artist or whatever your passion may be, we hope that these stories will inspire you. Please message us if you want to share your story. Nothing is impossible.


-“Whatever the mind can conceive and, believe it can achieve”- Napoleon Hill